5 Best restaurants to eat local food in Havana

Think it would be interesting for you to know though Pina Colada has become part of our cocktail making heritage isn´t really an authentic Cuban drink, in fact, the cocktail was born in Puerto Rico in the latest 70s. Some say that the first traces of the cocktail date from the Pirates era in the Caribbean. There are lots of theories about the beginnings of it but what´s a fact is that “la piña colada” has been adopted by Cuban cocktail makers.

The classic bases are coconut cream, pineapple juice, Havana Club White Rum, all mixed with crushed ice and pineapple dice or slices, some use cherries dipped in syrup to decorate.

If I get to be honest, Pina Colada is one of my favorite cocktails in the whole world and every time I go out or take a beach time day I order the same thing. So from my humbled experience let me advise you on three of the most amazing places to try an authentic Cuban “Piña Colada”

1. Bacunayagua viewpoint:

Once I was traveling to Varadero with some friends and we decided to stop by this place that by the way, it´s located about 104 meters above sea level and considered one of the seven wonders of Cuban engineering. The views are so amazing! Lovely to see all kinds of birds flying away and getting lost in the horizon. So enjoying this views I decided to try (as usual) a luscious Pina Colada, the result was outstanding, I got truly impressed by the freshness of the fruits and the whole presentation of it. The combinations of the sights and the quality of the cocktail get this place all the way through the Top 3.

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